Source code

Source code is available at Below, detailed instructions to import and manage your own copy of the code are reported.
  1. Download and install a new Eclipse for DSL version.
  2. Install Nebula Visualisation toolkit:
  3. Clone source repository:
    1. Create a new directory where the source code will be saved (let <dir> be the name);
    2. Open a console end enter in the directory created above;
    3. Clone source code:
      git clone
  4. Open eclipse ed import all the project available in the downloaded code:
    • File -> Import
    • Select <dir>/quanticol-code/CARMA
    • Import all the available projects
  5. Select file CARMA.xtext in the project “eu.quanticol.carma.core
    • press the right button of your mouse and select
      Run As->Generate Xtext Artifacts
    • select “Project->Clean“, “clean all projects”
  6. Run Eclipse
    • select project “eu.quanticol.carma.core
    • press the right button of your mouse and selec “Run As -> Eclipse Application
  7. Open CARMA views:
    • Select “Window -> Show View -> Other -> CARMA
    • Open both “Experiment Results View” and “Simulation View
  8. Add experiments by using the “+” button available on “Simulation View”.